General Information

Poland does not have any laws regulating or otherwise specifically focused on franchising. Franchisors are not required to register with any government agency or to obtain any governmental or other approvals or licenses. Also, they are not required to make any specified disclosures to prospective franchises prior to the grant of a franchise. There are no limitations imposed by law relating to:

  • the term of a franchise;
  • the amount of fees, royalties or other sums payable by a franchisee to a franchisor;
  • an obligation of the franchisee to operate only the franchised business or to devote his or her working time exclusively to that business;
  • restrictions on the products or services sold by the franchisee;
  • territorial rights granted to the franchisee;
  • quality and other standards of controls imposed by a franchisor on the franchisee.

The modified quality standards are enforceable if they obligate the franchisee to invest additional capital or incur higher operating costs. There are no limitations on interest rates which may be lawfully charged in the event of default, however the market practice shows that usually these are statutory interest rates. The sub-franchising is permitted and is not restricted in any way.

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